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10% Off Pool Screen Repair Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz.

The Best Material options for Rescreening Your Pool Cage.

20×20 No-see-uhm Screen

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Small insects (no-see-ums) cause issues in and around the Screen Enclosure. Our 20×20 Screen provided by Phifer at are designed with homeowners in mind to protect against these pests. Also the 20×20 screen helps reduce pine needles from penetrating the Screen Fabric.

18×14 Fiberglass Screen

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Our fiberglass screens are built to protect against insects and is a overall durable fabric. This screen keeps a good barrier for keeping out mosquitoes. Great to option to Rescreen Pool Enclosure. Servicing Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, and Surrounding.

Pet Screen

Pet Screen
Pet Screen works great with Dogs and Cats! it is made of vinyl-caoted polyester, which is 7 times heavier than traditonal fiberglass. Typically this get installed along the bottom of the screen enclosure. Sizes are in 48inch and 36inch in height.

SunTex Screen

SunTex Screen
SunTex exterior shade fabric is made of vinyl-coated polyester and is pet resistant. SuntTex is midew resistant and needs only an occasinal cleaning with mild soap and water. Suntex 80/90 can help with energy savings by reducing the heating effect of the sun’s rays.

Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

We have options for privacy screens that are typically installed around the side walls or the screen door area. Let us know what areas you would like to install the privacy screen and we can include it into our Full Rescreening package price.

Screw replacement

June 28, 2021

Mosquito Season – Benefits of Installing Fiberglass Screen

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